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Will you Cop New Adidas Yeezy 500 Soft Vision? Iespējas
#1 Pievienots : sestdiena, 2019. gada 6. jūlijā 13:46:58
Rangs: Grāmatu lasītājs

Pievienojās: 2019.02.16.
Ziņojumi: 30
After a wave of nearly crazy Yeezy was released in June, there was no new product launch plan for July. It seems that the color of the previous exposure has been sold out. However, a number of new Yeezy products that will be released in August and September will be exposed. Today, there is another pink Adidas Yeezy 500 Soft Vision debut in October. From the renderings, the Yeezy 500's consistent fur is matched with mesh. The upper and the midsole are all dressed in cute pink, and the outsole is made of brownish yellow rubber. The overall color scheme is quite similar to the just-appeared Asia Limit 2.0, which is probably very powerful for girls. It will be released in October this year.

In recent years, many NCAA team-specific PE color combinations have entered the market, giving sneaker players a unique look at the unique style of PE. Then, the focus of this "commercial PE color matching" will be transferred to the Air Jordan 3 PE UNC. Jordan Brand will release the Air Jordan 3 “UNC” North Card color during the “March March” period in 2020, and will exclusively market this once-PE limited edition. There is currently no physical picture of the 2020 commercial version, but from the color scheme White/Valor Blue-Tech Grey, it has a white background tones, embellished with blue and gray, which fits the blue version of the PE version and the gray burst. dress up. Previously, the PE version of the physical appearance has been fascinated by many sneaker players, eye-catching and classic burst cracks, refreshing and vibrant white-blue color, the UNC LOGO of the tongue and the diamond-shaped texture on the insole indicate it. UNC North Carolina University's exclusive identity.

This year is the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 4, but apart from the OG black and red color scheme, there seems to be no more classic color matching. However, the recent news of the black cat Air Jordan 4 is about to return, I believe many fans are excited. Today, finally the specific release date is released. This Air Jordan 4 Black Cat is not a first-year color scheme. It was first released in 2006, but it has a history of more than ten years. Re-enactment is also necessary. The whole body black dress has no other color embellishment, and it is handsome and good. Players who like solid color will be very fond of it. The nubuck material is used to create a vamp, which brings a gorgeous texture. It is a very high specification in the Air Jordan 4. At the same time, inspired by Jordan's nickname, this color adds a sharp and hot temperament.
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