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WE sell cvv dumps & fullz quality,high balance. Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2022.05.23.
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Hi all ! Welcome to my services.

-WE sell cvv dumps & fullz quality,high balance.

-WE have sold to many customers worldwide and has created reputation for them.

-I sell cvv,cc : us-uk-denmark-france-germany-brazil-spain-italy-canada and inter.

-If you really want buy cvv-cc contact for business . because i'm looking real buyer for long business.

-In Last 7 year My Job Is This. We Have Very Prestige and precedency in this Business.

crypto loading
zelle transfer
bank logs

I'm looking for a good customer to buy cvv everyday and long-term
- I will discount or bonus if you order bulk
- My CVV is good and fresh live 100%
- All my CVV are inspected before sale... i will replace if CVV DIE !



~~~~~~~~~~~ SELL WESTERN UNION TRANSFER BANK TRABSFER paypal transfer ~~~~~~~~~~~

* If you want to change a better life, this is service best to make money !

- Doing Transfer to : USA, UK, CA, AU, EU, ASIA...and very easy to cash out African
- With MTCN + Sender's details, you can pickup at any Western Union office in 48 hours

~~~~~~~~~~~ BUSINESS RULES : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1-Before make business or add my ID let's read carefull my rule because i hate Spamer,Ripper and Scamer

2- I only accept payment Bitcoint(BTC)

4- All my stuff are checked before sell, that's sure.

5- orther stuff you can buy 2 for test ! but for cc minimum or is 3

6- If you buy over 20 stuff, I will discount !

7- Hope you are best customer and we can to work a long time.




----- Thanks all read my post.............hope to see you soon -----
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