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4 sets of CD type electric wire rope hoists sold to Bangladesh in 2021 Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2022.12.02.
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Electric wire rope hoist procurement parameters
Order time: 2021.11.9
Lifting capacity: 3 ton, 5 ton
Lifting height: 10 meters, 15 meters
Working voltage: 440v/50hz/3p
Order content: 3 ton electric wire rope hoist*2 + 5 ton electric wire rope hoist*2
Exporting country: Bangladesh
This is an order for electric hoists to be sold to Bangladesh in 2021. The customer purchased 2 sets of CD-type 3-ton electric wire rope hoists and 2 sets of CD-type 5-ton electric wire rope hoists from our crane factory, and also purchased a batch of crane accessories. The order was placed at the factory on November 9, and the production task of the electric hoist was completed and packed on November 23. We shipped the product to Bangladesh on December 8th. The atlas shows some details of the electric wire rope hoist factory, if you want to know more about the electric wire rope hoist, and the latest price of the 3 ton, 5 ton electric wire rope hoist, please contact us.

The characteristics of CD type electric hoist
Product features of CD type electric hoist: light weight, small size, compact structure, many varieties and specifications, stable operation, simple operation and convenient use. They can be used on straight, curved and circular overhead tracks on the same plane, and can also be used on electric single-girder, manual single-girder, bridge, suspension, cantilever, gantry and other cranes with I-beam as the track. CD1 type electric hoist is widely used in factories, warehouses, docks, power stations, lumberyards, etc. It is the most ideal lifting equipment for lifting and transporting items.

4 sets of CD type electric wire rope hoists sold to Bangladesh in 2021
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