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+1-888-597-3962 Samsung Printer Support Phone Number Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2019.02.04.
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Are you facing problem in switching on the printer? Or Paper is getting stuck while printing? Yes, these errors occur when you use printers but who says you doesn’t have solutions to the problems. Problems occur everywhere but the main point is how you deal with your problems.

As you are here that means you are using printer and you are facing error code 016-799, Right? We have solution for your error, don’t worry just relax and follow the guide step by step. After following the steps you still face any problem just grab the Printer Technical Support and ask for help to resolve your glitch.

You can follow the below mentioned steps to resolve error code 016-799:

Switch the power of the printer on, after switching it off.
Now wait for 20 seconds before it switches on so that no other issue comes up the way.
Verify the paper size whether it is meeting the printer specifications or not. So that you do not face the other problems.
If you need further assistance read the manual given with the printer for complete details.
Now set the paper size to auto mode of the printer.
Now when you have tried the paper size, you can try and print the document to have a complete check.
Now determine that is the page printing properly or not through the printer.
If still you avail the same problems you have to check with the professionals.
When you will follow the above steps your query will be solved. But in case you have any trouble just dial the Printer Support Helpline Number and ask for the query to be solved. Our tech-group is passing on advanced, enhanced and result-situated solutions that are handpicked and good to go. These technicians will help you solve the various types of issues with complete safety.

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