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Facebook will disable your fan page? Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2019.08.05.
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Facebook doesn’t allow photo covers for advertising. Your account might shut down for the following reasons:
1. If you are promoting some sort of sales or discount.
2. If you are involved in URL or phone number promotion.
3. Actions like ‘Share’, ‘Like’ or ‘Get it now’ are not allowed.
4. Don’t post images you don’t own or have their rights.
5. There should be no misleading visitors.
If you will violate all the above terms or any other important terms, one complaint from a competitor will shut down your page.
1. Facebook has very strict rules in relation to running contests and promotions. It is important to know that Facebook administers all the promotions very strictly. Hence the violation might lead you into trouble.
2. Facebook has also some restrictions regarding what name you can use for your Facebook page and not following which can put your fan page at risk.
3. If you will post too much continuously on too many pages or groups, you might be considered a spammer.
4. If you will tag too many people on your photo of advertisements, this can also get you banned.
Contact Facebook Customer Service Number +1-800-607-9033.

Visit Here - https://articlesforwebsi...-on-my-facebook-account/
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