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Blues Harmonica Study Lesson Song Iespējas
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Blues Harmonica Study Lesson Song

(This song is famous for multiple reasons. The song is an instrumental version of Ivory Joe Hunter's popular 1949 tune "When I Lost My Baby I Almost Lost My Mind Wholesale Cigarettes Newport." This is a great example of Horton's use of a popular song of the day for writing an instrumental (an idea to be repeated throughout his career). Note the great use of repetition within the song. The first three choruses are the same, with slight variation. He deviates in the fourth chorus and returns back to the melody for the fifth chorus. This is a very melodic song and Big Walter's great use of textures makes it a blues masterpiece. ((His throat tremolo plays a very important role in the intense presentation of the song. The throat tremolo is where you use the vocal chords in a light coughing fashion to create rhythmic variations in volume Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale. (A vibrato is where the pitch fluctuates-he's not using a vibrato.) Most players (including myself) use a slower throat tremolo than Horton is using here. There's nothing difficult here except for mimicking his tremolo Cheap Cigarettes Outlet. Take extra time working on the turnaround (measures 11 through 12). Each turnaround will be slightly different, making them easy to mix up when performing. For advanced players, focus on matching his tone and presentation this is not an easy task!((
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