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ttracted his angel; the b Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2019.01.28.
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When I tasted the "dessert" of "Angel Living in the Cake", the cream was sweet and mellow, the coffee was rich and bitter, and the cake was invitingly fragrant. A childhood-broken girl, growing up, waiting for the boy who had given her happiness and joy, clinging to her beliefs, waiting, waiting, when she met a girl in a similar situation to her in a "rubber bucket", All the "pain, sadness, and melancholy" at this moment buried the "seed" by chance, so that she saw him, but because of the boy's amnesia, her "pain, sadness, and depression" broke out ... Faith, her love, prompted the two of them to finally break through the difficulties and come together again. A change of one person can lead a group of people. As long as they persist in their beliefs in life, they will eventually go smoothly mokingusacigarettes.com. The full text of the article is full of the wonderful flavor of desserts Newport Cigarettes. While I was reading, I couldn't help but think of the delicious, beautiful and wonderful little things. The story of the article seemed messy, but I felt very organized, just like the dessert: Although it looks like another category, it looks carefully It was only when I tasted that it was so beautiful. "Missing is a sweet smell, waiting is an affectionate fragrance." And this book is an evocative "dessert" intertwined with miss and wait. In the face of difficulties, the "thin" Shula faced with a smile, "Simply like sweetness, you can experience sweetness, and simply believe in love, you can find love." "A particularly bitter heart can make a particularly sweet cake." "Narcissism is a bit like a dessert in life. Without it, life is not a problem. With it, life is particularly colorful." The three faintly appearing words evoked my thinking: active and passive, only one step away. !! If you do n��t believe in the existence of fate, bravely face the frustrations of fate, and actively challenge fate, you may get what you want; and shrinking and escaping fate will only let you be teased by fate again and again, Isn't it? Remember the "little boy"? When the enemy came and was about to blow up a city, this tragic ending that seemed to have been arranged by fate, was "extinguished" by the little boy's simple urine in front of fate; in front of fear; in In front of frustration. What will you choose? Waiting for the tragic fate to come, might as well let go and bravely change the fate. "Love" is mysterious; it is ubiquitous; it is owned by everyone. Therefore, things made with love always have its unexpected special: lost children, because of the guidance of cakes made with love, found the way to go; girls looking for love, because of the cakes made with love The scent attracted his angel; the boy with amnesia, because of the taste of the cake made with love, evoked memories of the past. It is also because of love that everyone treats life with kindness, calmness, and ease. Love, let Shula be alone in pain and wait for clear trees; love, let Hulie realize himself, and cherish her sister Humi; love Carton Of Cigarettes, let Shula change her view, teach Humi to make "chestnut cake"; Kumi and Shura forgave the boy who stole the chestnut cake craft. Not only that, there is love everywhere in life: a right slogan; a word to soothe the soul; a cup of hot tea to warm the atrium. This brings people closer to each other. Even at the ends of the poles, "love" can pull them close together. Love is mutual. When you do not care How can you end up with that amazing dessert when you make that dessert? How can you make others love you when you don't give them love? How do you get love back when you do n��t give it up? We always use the excuse to say that love is far away from us. In fact, as long as we pay our own efforts and make our own efforts for a thing, this is that love life is a "dessert", and this "dessert" is elusive. Just like that strong coffee: sweetness in bitterness, bitterness in sweetness. If you want to master it, it depends on how you look at it.
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