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Best Laser Tape Measure Iespējas
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Get the Best Laser Tape Measure for Outdoor Use

The laser measuring tools on this site are suitable for outdoor use. Most of the models can solely work for indoor projects, but we specifically focused on outdoor requirements. You can rely on these to get accurate measurements of horizontal or vertical distances and slope variations. Hence, each one is the best laser tape measure for outdoor use. 

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We created this list after reading thousands of feedbacks, good-ratings, and the latest features. Therefore, you do not need to research any more for getting the most precise and accurate measuring devices.

Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Distance Measure:

The Bosch GLM 50 C is one of the best laser measuring tools available on the market today. It offers an easy to read, large, and bright display than other ordinary models. Due to the user-friendly interface, beginners can use it without any trouble. Designers of this model have made it a simple tool by reducing many buttons. Various measuring modes are available on this tool, so you can consider it the best outdoor laser distance measurer.

It can store up to 30 different measurements for completing projects without deleting any data. You can use it for measuring distances up to 165 feet with an accuracy rate of 1/16 inch. IP54 rating ensures dust and water resistance during outdoor projects. Moreover, a long-lasting battery can take up to 10,000 measurements after a full recharge. You can save and transfer all of your taken measurements efficiently via Bluetooth connection.

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Fluke 424D Laser Distance Measure:

The Fluke 424D has some distinct features that make it the best laser measuring tool for appraisers than other choices. For instance, it can measure up to 330 feet distances. Hence, you can consider it among the longest-range tools available on the market. Moreover, the accuracy rate of this impressive tool is up to 1/25 of an inch. It is hard to find a laser distance meter with such accuracy because most of the devices offer up to 1/16 inch.

It will allow you to make various calculations with ease because of many measurement modes. You can estimate volume, area, as well as can get Pythagoras measurements. Moreover, you can add or subtract data on it whenever needed. It can hold 20 different estimations before moving them into other smart devices.

Bosch GLM 35 Laser Distance Measure:

The Bosch GLM 35 is the best budget laser measure available on the market. 

It is an ideal device for beginners because of its basic features as well as straightforward and user-friendly interface. For instance, it can solely measure distance and area. Therefore, you can buy it for simple household tasks. The measuring range of this model is up to 120 feet with a 1/16 accuracy rate.

However, you would have to write down each taken measurement because it has no memory. IP54 rating ensures you can use it outdoors without getting worried about dust and splashes of water. A backlit LCD screen is available to display measurements. It comes with two years of limited warranty.

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After reading reviews of these top-rated laser distance meters, you are free to pick the one that meets your requirements. It is time to leave the old measuring methods and use the best laser distance meter for completing your jobs successfully.
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Pievienojās: 2009.03.29.
Ziņojumi: 3,599
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