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Hiring automation software inadvertently rejects millions of qualified job applicants. Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2021.08.27.
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75% of US employers use applicant tracking software to help filter job applicants. According to a new report from Harvard Business Law.Automated hiring software - a program used by employers to scan resumes and filter job applicants - is erroneous in rejecting millions of working applicants, according to a study published this month from Harvard Business Law. The study, Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent, delves into how leaders can improve hiring practices. Closing the skill gap improve variety, etc.

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Excessive dependence on resume scanning software causes problems with "Hidden employees," according to the report.
Applicant tracking software is used by 75% of US employers. To help filter job applicants, according to the report, ATS works with recruitment management software to reduce the time and cost that recruiters spend finding job applicants. The report states that more than 90% of employers use their RMS to filter or rank mid- and high-skilled applicants.

The software helps employers identify requirements such as degree requirements. certificates and licenses Along with negative attributes that applicants should not have, such as criminal charges, it becomes tricky when negative attributes are more sensitive – such as when the software sees long gaps between jobs in a reported resume.If the applicant's resume has a gap of more than six months Resumes are automatically screened

by RMS or ATS based on consideration alone.” Read the study results. “Our findings indicate that employers believe that new experienced applicants tend to have better professional skills. The recruiter will not see the applicant's application. even though they may meet the employer's requirements.The researchers suggest several solutions to help solve the hidden worker problem. The team recommends switching from negative filters to verification

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