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Twitter is testing full-width photos and videos. Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2021.08.27.
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Twitter is exploring ways to create more immersive experiences with its latest test. which brings edge-to-edge tweets to the app on iOS.Full-width photos and videos will follow the direction the company has recently shown interest to go. Twitter released larger images with improved cropping controls for a pair of mobile apps earlier this year. This made many photographers and visual artists happy that suddenly.

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Social networks have become a much friendlier platform for sharing their creations.Twitter tested a larger image and an updated preview of the image in March before making its broader debut two months later. We can see again if the test product is intact.in the current test Tweets fill the frame from left to right instead of being offset by a relatively large left margin. The changes resulted in much larger images and videos that look better in the feed,

and a cleaner, more modern design that doesn't unnecessarily squeeze tweets to the right of a user's profile picture.To test the feature, Twitter said it wanted to encourage users to have conversations in photos and videos. Instead of focusing solely on the message like most platforms have. Although the outcome seemed to win our hearts. but any changes In its design, Twitter tends to inspire a subset of hateful users to tweet about it for a day or so before completely forgetting about the change.
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