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The best 5G in the US ranked by state in new Opensignal report. Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2021.08.27.
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Which state do you think has the worst download speed? You'd be wrong.A new study from Opensignal breaks down 5G performance across the US based on a variety of metrics. It offers a window into mobile Internet access in a very diverse country. both geographically and by population The study covered all 50 states and up to 250 cities, measuring availability. download speed Video and gaming performance

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Although this study did not provide any simple or straightforward conclusions. But there are some important points worth noting. The West Coast and Great Lakes (respectively) have the best general 5G performance. in the same way States with a high percentage of the population that are located in urban centers tend to perform better.

This has caused states in the South and the Middle East to perform poorly on average. alongside Alaska A few outliers complicate this image. Vermont has the worst availability and download speeds of any state in the country, New Hampshire and Maine are almost equally bad, while New York and New Jersey rank high. of these category groups
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