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Tiger Global's Investment Makes Apna India The Fastest Unicorn Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2021.08.27.
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A 22-month-old startup that helps millions of blue and gray collar workers in India learn new skills and find jobs, becoming the youngest company to join coveted unicorn status in India. The second largest internet market in the world.Apna announced Thursday that it has raised $100 million in a new Tiger Global-led round — a Series C — worth $1.1 billion. Based in Apna, in talks to lead $100 million in unicorn valuation startup

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Owl Ventures, Insight Partners, Sequoia Capital India, Maverick Ventures and GSV Ventures participated in the new round. This is the third investment Apna has guaranteed this year. Apna was valued at $570 million in a Series B round in June of this year.Investor excitement comes as Apna has shown impressive growth in recent months. The startup has more than 16 million users on its 15-month-old Android app of the same name, up from 10 million in June of this year.

Indian cities are home to hundreds of millions of low-skilled workers who come from villages to find work, many of whom have lost their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic. This has slowed down many economic activities in the South Asian market.Apna has built a platform that provides a community for these employees. In the community, they get together. Exchange notes to conduct interviews better. and share tips to negotiate better compensation.

Moreover, Apna connects these workers with potential employers. In an interview with TechCrunch, Apna founder and chief executive Nirmit Parikh said that more than 150,000 employers, including Zomato, Bharti AXA, Urban Company, BYJU'S, PhonePe, Burger King, Delhivery, Teamlease and G4S Global, are on the platform, and More than 5 million jobs are being employed.

The bubbly 2019 Bollywood-inspired startup has facilitated 18 million job interviews in the past 30 days, he said. Apna is currently operating in 28 Indian cities.The idea for Apna was born, Parikh said, after he was puzzled to discover that despite the hundreds of millions of blue-and-gray-collar workers in India, the idea was born. Finding them when you need help with a job. often difficult to prove

Before starting Apna Parikh, who previously worked at Apple, met with these employees and disguised themselves as electricians and floor managers to understand the issues they were facing. He found that the problem was the disconnection. The workers had no way of finding people who needed them for the job. And they didn't communicate with each other. The community aspect of Apna, which now includes more than 70 such groups, aims to address this challenge.
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