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What causes "cracked heels" and how to Iespējas
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who has cracked heels How do you solve the problem? Anyone who rubs a file, scissors, or a harsh scrub, try to check if it's the right way or not.

What are the symptoms of cracked heels?
cracked heels It is a condition in which the heels are dry, thick, rough, hard until they crack and split into sheets. If the fracture of the wound to the inside It can cause bleeding or painful wounds.

cracked heels It usually occurs during the cold, dry winter. But it can happen at any time. and can occur at any age depending on lifestyle behavior

What causes cracked heels?
dry or cold weather
drink less water
Take a shower with lukewarm water that's too hot. Soaking in hot water for too long or too often
Use a soap that dries the skin. Do not apply a nourishing cream that keeps the feet moist.
Foot scrubs are too harsh.
Wearing shoes that don't care for your feet or open your feet too much
Obesity, overweight
is a diabetic patient
The dangers of cracked heels
In addition to the symptoms of cracked heels are unsightly in terms of beauty. It also creates problems for people because they may have a burning sensation from a wound. And if the cracked heel is left as a deep wound and not treated. may be at risk of serious infections especially those with diabetes or obesity

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