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You might get trouble to diagnose the issue. These sorts of issues arrive most of the times. This is unluckily very common too. But these errors can render some printing devices. If you neglect the issues the Brother printer will disturb the workflow of the overall functioning of the machine. There can be several other reasons also that can interrupt the communication between the Brother printer and the computing device.

Here let’s unveil the major causes of such errors and their solutions for Brother printer error 49.4c02. In case you are running out of time and manual troubleshooting is not what you want just connect to Brother Printer Customer Support for real time assistance and troubleshooting the error.

Follow the below mentioned steps to diagnose the Brother Printer Issue 49.4c02:

You have to check your LAN connection.
Reboot your device once.
Now have a look at the Brother printer and see is the Brother printer at Ready mode or not.
Try to take one print out to configure the page
For the above mentioned step, Go to menu and select print configuration
If the page gives you a print out, then you have must fixed the connection and retained the stable performance.
If you still face the Network issues follow the steps:

You have to configure the IP Address
Now upgrade the firmware of the Brother printer. Once it shows the ready mode.
Re-Install the drivers for your Brother printer.
How can you avoid the Brother Printer error 49.4c02?

After troubleshooting checkout with this option mentioned below:

Remove the PDF and cool down the printer first.
Restart your printer.
Go to the printing option and select the PDF file.
Press the Window key+ P and open the Print Window.
Select the Advanced Button.
Choose the Print as Image option. Select OK>>Print.
Now check the location for the print as an image document
So, we are finally done with our process and hope that your printer is “Back on Track” again. But just in case you have some issues still pending contact to the Printer Customer Service. We give support to our users anytime they are comfortable with. Moreover, our services, techniques and accessibility are completely transparent between user and our executives.

More info:- https://customersupportc...brother-printer-errors/
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