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Nike Air Fear of God 1 Oatmeal Will Release Next Month Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2019.02.16.
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New Jordan has been a huge success, and many color schemes have earned eyeballs in the 1990s. Recently, it has been reported that the Nike Air Max Triax, which has been away for more than 20 years, is about to return. Classic retro design, rumors are about to re-enact three colors, the most eye-catching is the United States team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. In a white and blue dress, the side is embellished with a bright red Mini Swoosh Logo, the tongue position is added to the American flag element, followed by the American design embroidered with embroidery, highlighting the temperament of the US national team. The other two models appeared in white and white and red, respectively, and the performance was equally eye-catching.

Fear of God and the Nike co-branded series have provided different high street style choices for trend lovers in the past two years. Nike Air Fear of God 1 Oatmeal, which has been reported many times before, has recently released the official map. Air Fear of God 1 Oatmeal is mainly composed of khaki and light gray, and the upper is made of suede and mesh. Created, the tonal style is perfect for autumn and winter seasons.

2019 Sneakers Release pay close attention to the movement of the shoe circle may find that this year Nike launched a lot of heavyweight color matching for the classic shoe Air Force 1, which directly increased the popularity of Air Force 1. Recently, the famous American trend shops KITH and Nike have brought a new co-branded series around Air Force 1. As can be seen from the photos currently exposed, the KITH x Nike Air Force 1 Low contains five colors, white, navy, military green and khaki, respectively, while white has two color options. Among them, white and navy use leather to create the upper, while military green and khaki use suede to create the upper. The specific design details have not been exposed.
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