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Galvanising plant adds new Pelloby crane Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2022.12.02.
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Pelloby has installed a 4t crane at a galvanising facility in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, to replace the existing overhead crane at the plant.

Galvanising plant adds new Pelloby crane

The customer, Stoke Galvanising, required a new crane that would allow them to continue lifting products in and out of hot-dip galvanizing baths as part of daily operations.

The 11.5m-long, single-girder electric crane needed to support two hoists and run on the plant’s existing gantry supporting steelwork. It spanned the whole width of the warehouse, and provides a total lift height of 5.5m.

The crane was supplied with an additional coating of paint, and was made to measure to exactly fit the dimensions of the plant and existing gantry, to ensure longevity in the harsh industrial environments of the galvanising operations.

The two chain hoists are connected by a rigid galvanised tie bar, which runs along the length of the beam. The system is controlled by an independent pendant with a selector switch, for operating both hoists and the long-travel motion.

As well as designing and installing the crane, Pelloby also removed the existing crane and completed final testing and commissioning.

Galvanising plant adds new Pelloby crane
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