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Covid in Scotland: Where are the latest cases? Iespējas
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Covid in Scotland: Where are the latest cases?

There have been 462,286 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Scotland and 8,165 people have died following a positive test for the virus, according to the Scottish government.

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This page analyses the key figures for the coronavirus outbreak in Scotland and was last updated using figures available at 14:00 on Sunday, 5 September.

The Scottish government only publishes "headline statistics" on cases, deaths and vaccinations over the weekend. This page will be fully updated again on Monday.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19
There have been 41,723 cases detected over the past seven days, with 6,368 cases confirmed on Saturday.

The following chart shows the number of daily confirmed cases after an NHS Scotland or UK government test since 1 September, along with a seven-day average.

The actual number of people infected during the course of the outbreak will be far higher than the overall confirmed cases figure, as many people who have Covid-19 are not tested.

This next chart shows how the weekly total of cases has been changing in Scotland over the last few weeks.

How many cases are there in my area?
The number of positive cases in each local authority is published daily by Public Health Scotland.

Recent data often underestimates the number of positive tests as there are sometimes delays before results are recorded, so this chart uses figures from three days ago.

The rate is calculated by adding up all the cases over the previous seven days and then dividing by the population of the local authority. This number is then multiplied by 100,000.

The Scottish government also publishes figures on the number of cases across Scotland's 14 health boards.
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