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South Korea prepares payment law aimed at Apple, Google App Store Iespējas
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Pievienojās: 2021.08.27.
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South Korea is poised to become the first country to restrict how mobile app stores work, others plan to follow.Apple and Google are under increasing pressure from global regulators. That said, the tech giant has abused its power on mobile devices to control app developers and increase profits in the process.on tuesday South Korea's parliament passed a bill that would force Apple and Google to loosen restrictions they imposed on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The bill will become law when signed by the country's president.

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Prevent App Store operators from delaying app approval or removing approved apps. It also said the app marketplace doesn't require an in-app purchase system. It gives developers the opportunity to choose alternatives or create their own industry. After decades of letting technology companies grow with virtually no oversight, The government has begun to fight against false information and disinformation spread through social media.

The tech industry faces relentless complaints about infringements of privacy and serious business practices.South Korea's bill focuses on in-app purchases. This is a topic that has attracted the attention of lawmakers and other regulators. Apple and Google exert strong controls. In-app purchases have to be made. Companies argue that in-app payment systems help control fraud while supporting app development. Apple and Google, on the other hand, have argued. App developers get it in an easy way.

To bill subscriptions or digital items, such as fashion accessories for in-game avatars.A Google spokesperson said in a statement on South Korean law: “Just like developers pay to build apps. We'll be spending money to build and maintain an operating system and app store.” in the next few weeks.Meanwhile, Apple warned that the bill could worsen the use of its products. “The Telecom Business Act will expose users who purchase digital products from other sources to fraud risks. undermine privacy protection making it difficult to manage purchases
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