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Platforms like Facebook have played a 'significant role' in fueling polarization. Iespējas
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Social media platforms such as Facebook "play an important role in intensifying the political polarization. This could lead to such extreme violence,” according to a new report from researchers at New York University's Stern Center for Human Rights.That might not seem like a surprising conclusion, but Facebook has long been trying to overlook its role in fueling the rift. The company said existing research shows that “Social media is not the main driver of harmful dichotomy,” but in their report, the NYU researchers wrote, “research focused more

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narrowly on the years since 2016. It points out that the widespread use of the mainstream platform has exacerbated partisan hatred.to create their case The authors highlighted a number of studies examining the link between polarization and social media. They also interviewed dozens of researchers. And at least one Facebook executive is Yann Le Cun, Facebook's top AI scientist.Although the report is careful to point out that social media is not. The "traditional cause" of dichotomy

The authors say Facebook and others have "exacerbated." They also note that Facebook's efforts to reduce divisiveness, such as by not focusing on political content in the News Feed, show that the company is aware of its role. “Introspection about dichotomy would have been more effective if company executives did not publicly question whether there was a connection between social media and political divisiveness,” the report said.

“Research shows social media is not the main driver of harmful dichotomy. But we want to help find a solution to deal with it,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “That is why we continually and proactively detect and remove content (such as hate speech) that violates our community standards. And we try to stop the spread of false information. We repeatedly reduce access to content from pages and groups that violate our policies. and connects people to reliable and credible sources for information on issues such as elections,

The report also raised issues that these problems were difficult to resolve. "Because the company refuses to disclose how the platform works." Among the researchers' suggestions was that Congress forced "Facebook and Google/YouTube." Sharing information about algorithm rankings, recommending and removing content.” Platforms that distribute data and independent researchers who study it should be legally protected as part of that work.
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